How much beer constitutes bootlegging? I’m asking for a friend.

I have mixed feelings about the map they show you on the video screen during transatlantic flights. I watch it kind of obsessively, but I’m not sure I need to know that we’re flying at 35,000 ft and it’s -55°C outside (I’ll leave “decompression”, “suffocation”, “frozen corpse” and “terminal velocity” here for your imagination).

Anyway, the first time I flew into Heathrow with one of these displays, it showed we were flying over Cardiff and it was another 100 miles to London. Which made me realize how close together everything in Europe is, relatively speaking. I’m American, I’ve driven 100 miles to go to the grocery store.

This is not an exaggeration. One cannot exaggerate about Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, OH.

Indiana is a pretty good beer state, in general. From Three Floyds in the north, to Upland in Bloomington and New Albanian down on the Kentucky border we also have an embarrassingly good selection of breweries in Indianapolis.  However, our local distributors do not carry some very good beers.

Thus, on a regular basis one of the local beergeeks will find themselves in Cincinnati for something (my favorite excuses are taking the kids to the zoo or the aquarium), it’s time to stop in and stock up on Great Lakes, Tröegs, AleSmith, Bear Republic, and Anderson Valley. So, we happened to be in Cincy yesterday and we stopped in to stock up.

Our bascart contained the following: three cases of beer, some Dublin Dr. Pepper, two jars of kimchee, and a bag of croutons. I feel the croutons are necessary. Because the croutons make it OK that the cart is completely full of beer.

Actually the crouton-to-beer ratio has improved, we once filled the back of our SUV with 5 cases of beer and one bag of croutons.

I’m just kidding … it’s actually all about the croutons. The croutons are awesome.


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